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Give your idea a name and summarise it.

Be sure to choose a name that suits your idea and is convincing. It should be descriptive and self-explanatory.

The brief description is an overview of your idea and should be no longer than three to four sentences. Restrict yourself to the key points and formulate your sentences simply and briefly.

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Name of the business idea


Brief description

infospot combines acoustic passenger information in public transport with unobtrusive advertising. An infospot combines the company's advertising jingle and name of the company advertising with official passenger information.

Example: McDonalds on the Mittelthurgaubahn: Introductory McDonalds company melody - «McDonalds and the Mittelthurgau railway welcome you on board the regional train to Stein am Rhein, Kreuzlingen, Romanshorn and wish you a pleasant journey.»

The infospots are to be transmitted at selected stops only (not all) in order to raise effectiveness and acceptance among passengers.


The infospot business idea was tested successfully 13 years ago and further developed for visual electronic advertising with double screens. The example shows which questions need to be answered according to CO-STAR.