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Describe the advantages:

  • Which offers from competitors are already on the market? How does your solution differ compared to these offers?
  • What makes your solution altogether unique and how will you protect it?
  • What risks can be identified? What measures will you take to minimize these risks?

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We are the first to launch a comparable concept for public transport on the market. Should we be successful in piloting infospot and in attracting a large proportion of the public transport companies targeted, it will be very difficult for competitors to enter this niche market. Indirectly, the idea competes with businesses which are already selling advertising in public transport (e.g. APF/SGA) today.


  • Because infospots are shown only at selected stops and in combination with important passenger information, passenger attention is very high. This is a central factor to the success of the infospot concept.
  • Infospot offers a new, expandable source of income for public transport which is tolerated by passengers.
  • Advertisers receive a very effective and unique advertising medium with this exclusive concept.

Intellectual property

We are currently in process of assessing patent and trade mark registration to protect our product. A preliminary patent search at the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (www.ige.ch) has shown that while a few patents in this area exist, none of them completely cover the features of infospot. A trade mark application is being prepared by an external attorney.


The success of infospot is dependent on several factors: The most important ones are:

  • Passenger tolerance: Will passengers accept infospot? We intend to carry out corresponding passenger surveys during the pilot phase.
  • Will targeted public transport companies create the necessary passenger information systems needed for infospot? We have already conducted discussions on this and it looks as if these companies would be prepared to invest, if they could earn money with it in the long term.