Next steps

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Next steps

Define the next steps.

Complete your CO-STAR by defining the next steps. Consider what must be done in the next phase to advance your idea. Define corresponding milestones.


By the beginning of the pilot phase, the following milestones will have been defined:

1 April 2019


30 April 2019

Refine the concept by discussing it with selected experts

31 May 2019

  • Determine funding requirements and create business plan
  • Develop prototypes
  • Finalise analysis of patent situation and trade mark registration

31 August 2019

Guarantee financing up until and including pilot phase

30 September 2019

Attract pilot customers (Initial discussions are already under way with the Mittelthurgaubahn)

31 December 2019

  • Create the technical solution
  • Acquire advertisers as pilot customers

1 April 2020

Start pilot phase