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Describe the opportunity:

  • Which trends (social/technological) and/or market changes are particularly relevant to your project?
  • How great is the market potential?

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The most important trends/market changes connected with infospot

  • Growth of networking in public transport: Introduction of WiFi on public transport → Example: PostBus
  • Rise in data transmission rates (following Moore's law): It is possible today to supply an entire transport fleet with new information via a WiFi network in just a few seconds. This trend is set to continue and the costs of such systems will therefore decrease. Networking will provide other application opportunities, such as the use of images.
  • Multi-channelling: Multi-channel strategies are a trend in the advertising sector. The goal is to address the customer via multiple channels in a coordinated way in order to achieve the highest possible impact.
  • Increasing cost pressures: The pressure on costs among public transport companies continues to mount. They are forced to continue cutting costs or to generate new sources of income.
  • Rising number of passengers: The significance of public transport will continue to increase. Various studies have confirmed the upward trend in the number of passengers using public transport. This makes advertising concepts in public transport more attractive.

Market potential in public transport

Switzerland has a total of 414 companies in the public transport sector (Source: www.litra.ch). They transport over 2 billion people per year. An analysis of the figures reveals that through the selected target customers (23 companies) (Source: annual reports) some 70% of all passengers can be reached. The concept can be expanded during a subsequent phase to include all other transport companies and companies abroad.

Market potential in the Swiss advertising market

The Swiss advertising market generated net revenue of CHF 3.6 billion in 2010 (Source: www.werbestatistik.ch), of which CHF 608 million came from outdoor advertising. Advertising in public transport – as a portion of outdoor advertising – was CHF 56 million. Advertising revenue generated through sponsorships reached CHF 90 million (CHF 53 million for TV; CHF 37 million for radio). This does not include sponsorship costs at events. infospot is a new advertising concept that complements rather than competes with existing public transport advertising. It introduces sponsorship into public transport advertising.