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Describe the quantitative and qualitative results:

  • What market share can be achieved (derived from the market potential under O)?
  • What is your estimate of the financial results for the first three years?
  • Which qualitative benefits does your solution offer?

next step


Our goal is to achieve sales of CHF 12 million within the next five years with infospot on the Swiss advertising market. This corresponds to approximately 8% of today's public transport advertising (CHF 56 million) and sponsorship market (CHF 90 million). To achieve this, we want to attract 80% of the companies in the primary target group within the next three years. In the medium term, the target margin for EBIT is approximately 15%.

In addition, infospot will be launched for local and long-distance transport in neighbouring countries in the first few years by bringing cross-border companies (Mittelthurgaubahn, ICE, TGV, CIS) on board.