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Describe the team:

  • What skills does your team need in order to develop and successfully implement your solution?
  • Define the internal or external partners you will need.

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Team members

The team consists of three people with complementary skills and expertise:

  • CEO, Marketing and sales: Jean-Paul Example
    Jean-Paul Example is bilingual (French-German). He studied business and is an experienced entrepreneur. He covers the marketing and sales area and chairs the management group. He brings a network of contacts in the advertising market from his former activities as well as an expandable network in the public transport market.
  • Finances, administration and commercials production: Claudia Muster
    Claudia Muster is also a business major and worked for three years for the Schaffhausen transport company. While there, she implemented several strategic projects and was able to build up a strong network. It was then that the idea to advertise acoustically was born.
  • Audio and IT: Reto Beispiel
    Reto Beispiel is an IT technician with many years of experience in information technology (wireless technology and networks in particular).

Skills profile of team members

External partners

The following external partners are to be used as follows:

  • Commercials production: Company W
  • Advertising customers acquisition: Company X
  • Passenger information systems supplier: Company Y
  • Legal clarification (patents etc.): Solicitor's office Z